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Events 2010

Exhibition: Floodwall at the National Museum in Wroclaw

July 14, 2010
Napoli's exhibit arrangement by Roman Rutkowski (Photo Wroclaw National Museum)

Napoli's exhibit arrangement by Roman Rutkowski (Photo Wroclaw National Museum)

Exhibition:  Floodwall at the National Museum in Wroclaw

Floodwall is an installation by the American artist Jana Napoli, comprising 350 drawers. It is a poignant testimony to the cataclysm that devastated New Orleans five years ago: on 29 August 2005, the city was ravaged by the hurricane Katrina. In an effort to commemorate the tragedy of the city and its residents, Napoli collected hundreds of drawers that had been spread among the debris in the water and mud, and reassembled them to create a piece of art intended as a monument to the victims.

It will be on display at the National Museum in Wroclaw from July 14 to September 5.

A series of films and unique workshops will accompany Floodwall.  A group of visual and performing artists from the Young Artists/Young Aspirations (YA/YA), an community organization Jana Napoli created in 1988, will conduct interactive artistic workshops in Wroclaw.  

Please also join us at Centrum Sztuki Impart in Wroclaw on August 19 for films about New Orleans from the American Documentary Showcase.

Through cooperation with the State Department's American Documentary Showcase program we will show several documentaries related to Hurricane Katrina: When Levees Broke, Trouble the Water, and the Village Called Versailles. Discussions with Jana Napoli and American documentary filmmakers will follow. 

Floodwall and the accompanying films and workshops seek to initiate an international dialogue about community values and identity and demonstrate how communities can empower youth and marginalized social groups through the visual and performing arts.  In the United States, Floodwall has been shown in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Cincinnati, Austin, and near the former World Trade Center in New York City.  In Europe, Floodwall was shown at the Museum of German Emigration in Bremerhaven in 2009 and will be shown in Wroclaw, Berlin, and the Hague in 2010.